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SAGE Palliative Medicine & Chronic Care

Feb 1, 2022

This episode features Professor Scott Murray (Primary Palliative Care Research Group, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK).

People living at home with advanced progressive illness require well-coordinated services at all times of the day and night. Early identification for generalist palliative care support and...

Feb 1, 2022

This episode features Dr Catherine Auriemma (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania).

Prior surveys and limited qualitative work have identified several health states that patients value as equal to or worse than death.
The broad range of health states consider equal to or worse...

Feb 1, 2022

This episode features Madeleine Juhrmann (Northern Clinical School, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia. HammondCare Centre for Learning and Research in Palliative Care, Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, NSW, Australia).

Global demand for palliative care is increasing and the reliance on exclusively specialist...

Feb 1, 2022

This episode features Prof. María Arantzamendi (Institute for Culture and Society, ATLANTES, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain).

Coping is essential to manage the challenges that palliative care professionals face in their daily clinical work and most well-known explanations focus on emotion or...

Feb 1, 2022

This episode features Dr Eloise Radcliffe (University of Southampton, Southampton, UK) and Aysha Khan (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK)

People living with cancer that is treatable but not curable have complex needs, often managing their health and wellbeing at home, supported by those close to them....