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SAGE Palliative Medicine & Chronic Care

Jan 17, 2019

This episode features Dr Catriona Mayland (University of Sheffield, UK).
The Quality of Death Index showed variability in the international provision of care for the dying. In order to improve care, we need to have validated outcome measures to assess the current quality of care. One method of evaluation is to use the...

Jan 17, 2019

This episode features Dr Ann Dadich (Western Sydney University, Austrailia)

Specialist home-based palliative care can improve symptom management and quality of life and prevent hospitalisation at the end-of-life. There is significant variation in how home-based palliative care is delivered, even within...

Jan 9, 2019

This episode features Dr Simon Etkind (Cicely Saunders Institute,  King’s College London, London, UK).
To be person-centred, care should take into account individual preferences. Some influences on care preferences in older people have been described. These include the family and care context, individual response...

Jan 7, 2019

This episode features Dr Huw Williams ( Cardiff University, UK)

Around 2% –3 % of consultations in primary care are prone to patient safety incidents. Patients receiving palliative care are not immune to patient safety concerns. ‘Out-of-hours’ services are responsible for providing care for two-thirds of...